The psychology of Direct Selling

Increase the sales of your own sales organization faster and easier than you ever thought possible.

The psychological principles and mechanisms of direct selling you should know in detail and apply daily. Not only because you achieve much more with less effort. You also avoid that your team partners start with a lot of heart, but then do not reach their goals and you have no answers to their urgent questions of why they are not successful.

Thomas Reichart shows you in this presentation, how the internal structure of direct selling is organized. Learn what really makes the difference in building your business. Regardless of whether you just start, or finally want to start. You need an understanding of the psychological principles that make up direct selling from the inside.

Build up your personal business with the direct selling knowledge of Thomas Reichart  so that you finally realize the goals that  have always been important to you!

Key concepts

  • My path to absolute safety in sales and team-building
  • The 5 myths of direct selling
  • The overview of the true motives of your team partners
  • What we can not learn from the best distributors
  • Which of the psychological principles are so important and why!
  • The Direct Selling Lifestyle: Stress-free Productivity & High Performance
  • The 2 tales about duplication
  • How do you immediately sell more - regardless of which product
  • One major cause of growth in your organization
    • How to be confident and radiate your confidence – starting today 

Learn in this lecture know the internal structure of successful direct sales. Do you understand why your customers and team partners buy - and what they really want. Learn the 10 steps of the soft close. Complete the commitment pattern that will bring your organization from the outside activity in the peak performance. And learn to understand the two secrets of self-motivation.

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