lead your life now! - self-determination.

Self-determination is a powerful principle which encourages us to accept the full responsibility for our actions and the results in our lives.

Truly sustainable success – whether on an individual or organizational level – is based upon the application of self-determination.

Over 1,700 executives were interviewed as part of the IBM Global CEO Study 2012*. The results showed that the four traits which were valued as having an outstanding importance for the future success of the employee were:

  • the ability to work in a team 
  • communication capability
  • creativity
  • flexibility

When looking for top performers, CEOs focus on finding people who can constantly re-invent themselves and feel comfortable in an ever-changing environment.

Self-determination and the principle of life management are the basis for these competencies.

Key concepts

  • The 5 Myths of Self-Determination
  • Learn from the “best in class“
  • Why Self-Determination is so important – every day!
  • The Self-Determined Lifestyle: Communication, Behaviour and Culture
  • The 3 Applications for Your Personal Life

Let the power of self-determination take root in your life and learn how to unlock this freedom in order to accomplish and maintain responsible actions.

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